Stay close to nature in a Mongolian yurt

IMG 6824Come and experience an exciting and unique camping life in Mongolian yurt! (Or ger as they are called in Mongolian.) If you like outdoor life and spending time in nature, but also enjoy relaxing you will have an unforgettable vacation experience when you stay in a unique and authentic Mongolian yurt.

At Trollskogens Vandrarhem you can choose to stay in a yurt. 

What's a yurt?

A yurt is the home of Mongolian nomads. It is a clever construction which is easy to erect, but stable enough to be sasfe even under extreme weather conditions. The yurt is a circular tentlike accommodation which consists of a wooden structure coated and isolated with wool felt and a waterproof cloth. It makes them comfortable warm in the winter and cool under a burning sun in the summer. As an adjustment to the more wet Scandinavian climate, these yurts are not coated with wool felt during summer.

IMG 6819Yurts radiates calmness and genuineness, which we as modern living people miss out on in contemporary society. It gives the yurts a unique and safe ambience, the same as they have had during several hundred years.

One of the advantages with living in a yurt is that it gathers people under one roof and creates a natural closeness, warmth and fellowship. When it gets dark you can see the stars through the window in the cealing and if it gets chilly you can light a fire in the stove and just enjoy the evening and the night.

A yurt is:

Comfortable in all seasons – A yurt is cosy and warm in the winter, with isolated walls and roof top, the circular shape makes it easy to get warm. It is cool in the summer, the window in the cealing and the door hole gives good ventilation.

Spiritual – Yurts can be used as yoga and meditation studios. Because it has no corners there is no place for evil spirits. The atmosphere is warm, safe and welcoming.

Environmental friendly – A yurts is environmental friendly, it does not create any permanent damage to the ground it is built on. A yurt is also easy to maintain.


Family yurt (up to 5 people) 300 SEK/person
Organic breakfast 85 SEK/adult, 55 SEK/children (up to 15 years old)
Linen & towels 75 SEK/person
Final cleaning 100 SEK per stay
Dog 100 SEK/stay
Baby cot (up to 3 years old) 150 SEK/stay
Child, up to 3 years old, that sleeps in parents bed 0 SEK

Additonal cost for a single person stayin in a yurt 100 SEK
Additional cost for non member in STF 50 SEK/adult, 25 SEK/child

Children sleeping in a regular bed, same price as for adults.


A yurt is suitable for the accommodation of 2-5 persons. Tell us if you are tall, a traditional Mongolian bed is suitable for a person not taller than 190 cm.

Check-in in from 15 pm and check-out before 11 am next day.

At the farm you have access to toilets and showers and a small kitchenette with running water, for simpler cocking, a fridge, microwave oven, coffee machine, kettle and basic cutlery, plates etc.

If you want to cook in the yurt, bring your own camping equipment for cooking. You can borrow a barbecue.

If you rent a yurt together with one or several rooms in our B & B, you can of course use the facilities there, which includes a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms and the possibility to do your laundry.

Are you interested in renting one or several yurts? contact us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +46 46 532 43, +46 (0)702 343004.

You can also book our yurts through The Tourist office in Lund, or at Svenska Turistföreningens site